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Inspired and shaped by the ocean, SAILOR is a classic for those that love the sea. Made with 100% natural freshwater pearls and a 24k gold-plated clasp, you can never go wrong with this timeless and versatile bracelet.

Did you know? SAILOR looks even more uniq(ue) when worn in the sun and on your skin as the warmth and natural body oils will add a soft glow to the freshwater pearls.


  • Handmade in Florida.
  • 100% natural freshwater pearls (potato-shaped, 6-7 mm) and a 24k gold-plated clasp on a non-stretchable string.
  • Lengths: XS = 6.25"-6.5" (ca. 16 cm), S = 6.5"-6.75" (ca. 17 cm), M = 7"-7.25" (ca. 18 cm)
  • The pieces displayed are only examples. Pearls are a natural product that can vary in shape, color, and size.


  • As most pieces are sustainably made to order, please allow 2-5 business days processing time.
  • Free U.S. shipping for orders $100+, international shipping costs vary. 

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