I want you to wear your jewelry whenever or however you want to - day and night. That's why I only use gold-filled and 24k gold-plated findings that have the same appearance as high carat solid gold and that, even with daily wear, can last over decades. The layer of gold on gold-filled pieces is 5 to 10 times thicker than on gold-plated jewelry, and won't come off for years. Due to its solid layer of gold, gold-filled jewelry does tarnish (as does solid gold) but can be cleaned easily, using a jewelry cloth or jewelry cleaning solution. Unlike gold-plated jewelry, tarnishing of gold-filled pieces does not mean that the layer of gold comes off. So what is often understood as 'tarnishing' of gold-plated jewelry is actually the underlying metal shining through.

To minimize tarnishing, which is simply a buildup of corrosion caused by exposure to air and moisture, I've got a few jewelry hacks for you:

- Your jewelry is cool as it is and doesn't need a refreshment in the shower, pool, jacuzzi, ocean, or wherever you may get wet. 

- Don't sweat it, sister! You may want to find another workout buddy than your jewelry.

- Perfumes, body mists, make-up, and lotions are all great but your jewelry doesn't need any of that.

- Your jewelry has a busy life and likes to rest in a jewelry box or the original packaging when you are not wearing it.

- Just like we often don't like sharing a bed with our siblings, each jewelry piece likes to rest on its own without being scratched by another jewel.


To back up my promise to offer the highest quality jewelry, I offer a lifetime warranty on all pieces. Yep, you heard that right! I know that handmade jewelry, just like any other jewelry, sometimes needs fixing. Simply reach out to me and I will fix or replace the jewelry for free, all you need to cover is shipping to and from my Florida based studio:


To be as sustainable and resourceful as possible, I kindly ask you to keep and send all parts of the jewelry pieces that need fixing. That way, I can almost guarantee to be able to fix your jewelry, even if I don't carry that particular item anymore.  

Please understand that I cannot cover lost or stolen jewelry or pieces that have been used for a different purpose than the one intended for -like my bracelets usually don't fit around the anklet :).