YOU ARE UNIQ(UE). [period]

This is the core message and foundation of my brand. In a world where anyone can be anything, we often aspire to be like someone else. I believe, however, that our true superpower is to not be like someone else but to be uniq(ue). And just as uniq(ue) as you are, so are all of my handmade jewelry pieces.


All of my jewelry is handmade by me in Florida and no piece is alike. Most orders are sustainably made to order and can be customized upon request. Living in Florida, I understand that jewelry must stand up to wear and tear without tarnishing or losing color. And that's why all of my materials have been hand selected and put to test by me to offer you the best quality at a reasonable price.

Most materials are sourced locally and my goal is to be as sustainable and resourceful as possible. I put a lot of care and love into crafting each piece and only ship it to you when it meets my very high standards.

To back this up, I offer a lifetime warranty. If you should not feel satisfied with the jewelry you ordered, all you need to do is reach out to me and I will do anything I can to make you happy.

So go and wear your jewelry every day and worry-free! And don't forget: No one is you and that is your power.