Hi there! So lovely to have you here.

I am Simone, the founder and designer of UNIQ Jewelry. As you can probably tell by now, I love the sun, beach, and ocean. That's one of the reasons why I decided to take the leap, leave my (cold) home country Germany and move to Florida over four years ago.

While I love living here, there was one thing that I was missing and that I kept ordering from Europe: Dainty jewelry. I felt like everything here was so bold, big, and shiny… I guess, big diamonds are just not my best friends.

I love jewelry that's delicate and dainty, yet special and uniq(ue). Something that I can wear from beach to bar, sunrise to sunset, from ladies brunch to date night - you get the vibe. While I've always loved to play around with my jewelry, take it apart, and get creative with it, I've started making more and more pieces for myself so that I wouldn't have to keep ordering my jewelry from Europe. That's better for the planet anyway!

Every time I wore my jewelry, I got asked whether and where I would sell it. Selling my jewelry, let alone opening a business here, has never been on my mind. I had just figured out how to make the US my permanent residence - how could I possibly figure out how to run a business here?

Well... the more jewelry I made and the more I started to love the process, the quicker this doubt went out the window. And here I am today with my own jewelry brand.

I hope you love it and I hope I can bring you the long-lasting joy of handmade, dainty, and uniq(ue) jewelry!

Thank you so much for your support. ♥

- Simone